SUCH pretty art omg....gorgeous colors, beautiful art style, cute designs, whats better than this?? a huge inspiration for me.. i luv the way she draws eyes.


*hearts in my eyes like a emoji*ADORABLE!!! she has a phenomenal grasp of colors, and her lineart is so luv to see it!!

TWO(this font does not support numbers...)SNUFKIN!

the RENDERING. the POSES. the FASHION. MY GOD. such friendly little art......


OH THE COLORS.....WONDERFUL!!!! so nice to look at. her art is so expressive and unique


RENDERING KING. i luv the way he draws faces....and their anatomy is SO GOOD

(these ppl will not have all caps w/ 1 exclamation point bc i have never even commented on one of their posts.....)


I LUV EVERYTHING!! beautiful, vibrant colors, crazy dynamic poses, fun, unique style....intense and fun!!


wow....just lovely. every piece has a wonderful atmosphere... a pretty, distinctive style!


AWESOME!!! so different and nice looking...just rlly cool to look at


*imagine that i am whooping and hollering and punching my fists into th air*WAGH. another huge inspo for me... i LUV the shading... i keep saying this abt everything but its just so unique..just so good


my god. if you were into moomins last summer then you onehundred% know him... his rendering and color choices stick out as being particularly swag.... such good character designs, they look like they could be either from a children's book or a photo from two thousand two

gangnome(utopian male 1)

WOW. simply delightful multimedia art... all around just awesome

bapouro(utopian male 2)

bapouro makes dolls and they are just lovely :)) their art is just phenomenal as well....


SO PRETTY!! gorgeous environments and cute figures.... absolutely beautiful colors!


THE RENDERING. just fantastic. adorable little characters....


such a good handle on anatomy...such pretty and varied use of truly luv to see it

ok. i have been doing this for what feels like hours now and it is very hot. so im just going to give you names now and you can google them if you would be so kind

beatrix potter

thomas richman blackshear

leon shulman gaspard

whyn lewis

gary bunt

emile vernon

and finally.....


self luv is important......... just kidding. check out everyone on here!!! so many talented ppl.....all of them deserve plenty and more recognition and attention for their work.


to be updated :)