silly little series that ppl are horny for??

go here 2 watch this...its not self-care but its *clown honk*

what is it?

half life vr but the ai is self aware (hlvrai) is a webseries on youtube by wayneradiotv. unlike with pathologic, im not fifteen years late to the party! no, none of the characters are actually ai. its just this guy who happened to have spread the information that joe biden buried a dog at one of his rallies and his friends roleplaying in g-mod. which has garnered a sizable fanbase! mainly on tumblr on twitter, so if you arent apart of those crowds you might not want to engage with the fandom.


there isnt much of one if im being honest. its half-life but fucked up. its this guy, gordon freeman (you know, half-life), and these ais valve put into the game. these ais are dr.bubby, dr.coomer, benry, tommy, and gman. theyre all just silly little guys.