pathologic: a very good game that is very mean to you

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hey go here 2 learn abt patho from a better source than me. its self-care <3

what is it?

pathologic is a video game made by the russian studio ice pick lodge (ipl) in two thousand five. there are two versions of pathologic one: pathologic and pathologic classic hd. the original release of pathologic got a really, really weird translation and is kind of nuts in general. like, ipl had to replace the some of the children with midgets so they could release it in america and the translators decided to remove entire chunks of the game for some reason? this is all to say that pathologic classic hd is the more accessible version of the two. as accessible as it can be, anyway. over half of the game is walking around while youre dying and the rest of it is reading. this is very fun for me. there is a remake in development right now, but only the haruspex route and a demo of the bachelor route (the marble nest) is available at the moment. ive heard that its easier to get into than patho one, so theres that!


ok so. there are three versions of the plot. but the basic rundown is that you can play as one of three healers- the bachelor, the haruspex, and the changeling- who come out this this town in the russian steppe (town-on-gorkhon) for their own reasons. everything is normal for like a day until uh-oh! AGHHHH ITS THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!! and guess what buddy! YOU have to fix it! and the entire time everyone else is fucking with you! including the other two healers!